On Tuesday, George Floyd’s murderer was found guilty.

Even as we hope a new precedent of accountability will be set by the verdict, our hearts are broken for the family of George Floyd. With every step forward we take against state sanctioned violence, we feel the weight of all that has been lost to our community as we continue to mourn and remember Stephon Clark, Daunte Wright, Jayne Thompson, Breonna Taylor, Ma’Khia Bryant and countless others.

In Sacramento, like so many other places, full accountability remains out of reach as our communities continue to fight for changes in funding, policies and practices that will bring the opportunity and peace we desire and deserve. The death of Ma’Khia Bryant on the same day as the Chauvin verdict is a further reminder that we cannot be placated by anything less than a complete and seismic shift to systems built to protect, uplift and serve us all — public safety systems that train guardians rather than warriors and value accountability and equity over professional immunity. We are called to act — to double down on our organizing efforts in Sacramento and across the country.

Instances of police violence continue, and advocates and the public have bravely and boldly used their voices and tools like video recordings and protests to support their community every time unjustified treatment by a law enforcement officer has occurred. As a nation, we have a long way to go to live by our stated values of truth, justice and equality. In August 2019, Governor Gavin Newsom signed AB 392 to redefine the use of excessive force that leads to homicide among peace officers, but we have yet to see enforcement of this law.

We stand proudly with our partners and our community as we promise that Build.Black. will never stop working to build economic justice through deep investment in Black entrepreneurship and artistry and to celebrate and promote Black love, community and power. This is the commitment required for the justice we seek. Join us. #BuildBlack

In solidarity,

Malaki Seku Amen, California Urban Partnership

Roshaun Davis, Unseen Heroes

Chet P. Hewitt, Sierra Health Foundation and The Center

Cassandra Jennings, Greater Sacramento Urban League

Larry Lee, The Sacramento Observer

Michael Lynch, Improve Your Tomorrow

Kindra Montgomery-Block, Sierra Health Foundation and The Center

Derrell Roberts, Roberts Family Development Center

Lesley Simmons, Build.Black. Coalition Chair and South Sacramento Christian Center

Tracy Stigler

Gabby Trejo, Sacramento Area Congregations Together (ACT)