About Us

Our purpose: To build a more vibrant and inclusive community by connecting people with local Black Owned businesses

Things You Should Know About Build.Black.

    1. Build.Black. was founded in 2018 in an effort to build a stronger community by focusing on four pillars:
      • Uplifting Black Youth Voices
      • Health Equity and Access
      • Justice and Policing in Black Communities
      • Investment in Black Neighborhoods and Businesses
    2. All pillars are critical to building a sustainable community.
    3. The focus of the Build.Black. App is on economic development, but will also on the other three pillars.
    4. In addition to locating businesses, you can use Build.Black. to communicate with other Build.Black. members, locate events, and find discounts and coupons from local businesses.
    5. Each business owner can create an account to message their customers.
    6. Note that Build.Black. may sell ads to local businesses and those ads may be represented as pop ups or banners on your screen.
    7. You can access Build.Black. via iPhone and Android. This application may not be supported by Windows or Blackberry.